Thursday 1 May 2014

A Letter To A Company

My letter to Diack & Macaulay  Ltd (Construction Services) relating to some driving I experienced this morning.

As a cyclist who cycle commutes from Torrance to Glasgow daily, I would like to write to about the driving standards of one of your drivers.

Fear not though, as this is not a complaint. I would like to compliment the driving I experienced this morning from one of your drivers whilst I was cycling along Balmore Road and after I had turned on to Auchenhowie Road at approximately 8:15 am this morning.

The road was very busy this morning so there were fewer overtaking opportunities than normal, thus your driver got stuck behind me for a few minutes. Often this leads to tailgating and occasionally aggressive driving. However, your driver showed great patience by hanging well back and giving me plenty of room.

Whilst this should be normal road behaviour, often it isn't, therefore it is very refreshing when a driver treats you with respect.

If I notice a queue building up behind me like it did today, I will often find somewhere to pull over to let it past. As I did this the driver gave me a friendly toot and the passenger gave me a friendly wave. Whilst this is a small gesture, it is gestures like this that cyclists like myself really do appreciate.

If only all road users drove and acted with such consideration!

Please could you try and identify the driver and pass on my thanks.

David Brennan

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  1. I did the same to a haulage company in Ingleton a couple of months back. Ower was very surprised to receive a thank you (3 quarry lorries from company all independently courteous).
    We are so quick to damn, we should try some carrot sometimes.