Thursday 20 March 2014

Andrew McNicoll

Tonight I had plans to write about this incident which has recently concluded at court. However, that blog is now on hold until another night. Why? Today a verdict was reached in the case of Andrew McNicoll, a cyclist who was killed cycling to work in Edinburgh on January 2012.

Not Proven.

In my capacity as one of the organisers of Pedal on Parliament I have had the honour of meeting Andrew's Dad, Ian and step mum, Lynne. Ian and Lynne who are ardent supporters of POP have in the time I have known them shown great courage and strength in dealing with their loss. They have not only kept up their amazing work at It's Good to Give, but they, since the death of Andrew have set up a safer cycling charity Andrew Cyclist.

They have great courage and strength in everything they do and personally when I feel a bit low about cycle campaigning (and that certainly happens!), I think about what Lynne and Ian are going through and that I don't want that to happen to any mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother or friend, ever again.

Now is not the time for me to comment on what I think about Andrew's case. There is plenty of time for that. Now is the time to stand behind Ian and Lynne and call for safer cycling on our roads. Ian and Lynne have told us themselves what they want. Investment in cycle infrastructure, stricter liability, and justice for vulnerable road users.

Help us achieve this by coming to Pedal on Parliament 2014 so that part of Andrew's legacy can be that he and his family helped make Scotland's roads safe for all.

Andrew McNicoll 2010

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