Wednesday 9 January 2013

What no Magnatom?

Hello and Happy New Year!

You may have noticed I've been a bit quiet recently. Well, to be fair it has been the festive season, and having three kids means that there is a lot to do. Playing with toys, playing with new games consoles, playing with Barbie dolls, etc. (That's me, not the kids!)

Mind you, it hasn't just been the festive season and families that are at 'fault' for keeping me from writing. There have been bugs (you really don't want to know), computer break downs, bike break downs, and camera break downs as well.

Yes, you read right. One of my helmet cameras died, my Contour GPS. To be fair to the wee camera I had it for quite a while, it had been through a lot, and it did hit the ground very hard when I dropped it. Oops. Due to monetary constraints (and the desperate need for new flooring in the lounge - light coloured carpets and children don't mix) I've not been able to replace like with like. I'd have loved to have bought a Contour +2, but I couldn't justify the cost. So I now have a Contour Roam 2. A red one as that was on offer. No chance of not seeing me now....

I'll be reviewing the Contour Roam 2 in the near future, along with another camera I have been asked to review by a helmet camera company. Watch this space.

Oh, there was one other thing keeping me from writing here. Pedal on Parliament. Specifically, Pedal on Parliament 2. Yes, after the crazy success of last years event we are at it again. The organising has started in earnest, so you will be hearing from me and (the expanded) POP team soon about this years event. We have to keep making (polite) noise!!

Busy, busy, busy!!

There is also one other little project I am involved in that I can't tell you much about just yet. It will involve a little bit of foreign travel for me this month, all going well. I'm quite excited about this! I'll tell you more when I can.

So let's hope that 2013 is the start of a new era for our roads, the era where the roads were given back, to the people.

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  1. Cant wait for POP again this year!

    I hope you and your family had a good Christmas and New year.