Sunday 22 March 2009

New Clyde Tunnel Entrance and Exit

I've used the Clyde Tunnel since I started cycle commuting over 3 years ago. In that time I've only once felt threatened (neds with sticks). Even then, they didn't bother with me. However, I can understand the perception that the tunnel is dangerous or scary. Thus a lot of people don't use what could be a convenient shortcut.

To try and address this issue, the council have installed a new entrance and exit system in the southbound tunnel, and have plans to extend the system to the other tunnel, finance permitting.

So what do you think?

I plan to send this link to Glasgow City Council, so air your views of this new system here. I have my own views but I don't want to bias anything.

I will of course remove any abusive etc posts.


  1. I used the Clyde cycle tunnel in both directions for a period of over 2 years daily while working on the South Side. This effort to increase security does not in my opinion bring large enough tangible benefits and is an inefficient use of public funds both in the cost of installation and maintenance of the system as well as the contract in perpetuity to have someone ready to answer calls to let people in/out.

    I feel that the tunnel was always as safe to use as any underpass, youths hanging about were never interested in me or my bike, more there just to congregate as young people do and always have done. This system will not stop this where it usually occurred – the entrances/exits.

    The type of person who would have avoided using the tunnel will still avoid using it. It will always be a long, quiet and damp tunnel (none of which can be changed) which will still feel intimidating/scary to those who avoided before. One negative element - graffiti – has been replaced with something resembling a jail at either end. Apart from this many people approaching the tunnel may take a cursory glance see the gates closed and assume the tunnel is shut, even with proper signage this can still happen.

    It also does not work for cyclists, having to drag up onto the pedestrian walkway and then bump back down to the cycle path is certainly not the most practical especially at the exit where starting from stationary on a steep incline may not be possible for those caught in the wrong gear or lacking ability/fitness.

    It appears no rational cost benefit analysis has been performed. The benefits are negligible/debatable and the costs are high especially in times when expenditure of public funds should be under strict control. Sometimes changes to infrastructure are not needed, but simply a cleaning up and promotion of the benefits of the tunnel as an efficient way to get from north to south and vice versa. This would increase usage which as a by product may make the amenity appear safer to members of the public as they see others also using the right of way.

  2. I am glad I don't have to cycle through there. I would probably be one of the people taking the long way around!

    You'd of thought they would of painted over a bit of that graffiti while installing those expensive gates.

  3. What a waste of money. Did they consult anyone (GO Bike/CTC) before implementing this?

  4. Hi

    My mate and I were out on a cycle run on Saturday (10th Oct 2009). The signage on the south side has always made us think that we can't use the tunnel to the right of the clyde (looking from southside to the northside) so we've used the tunnel to the left side. Both gates on the left side were locked. Does this mean the tunnel is closed completely now?




    Personally I think its a big waste of resources time and effort from the council,

  6. I cycled through it yesterday. I was worried about going through it since doing so years ago when I was quite safe.

    Once I figured out how to get into it ie pressing the buzzer, it definitely made me feel a bit safer than when it didn't have the gates. It did feel a little bit scary approaching the closed gates at the other end. I wish they'd given the whole tunnel a lick of white paint as the grafitti makes it look more intimidating than it no doubt is. Are there no cameras in the tunnel. Surely there should be as that would have made me feel more safe still.

  7. Used this yesterday for 1st time and was about to turn away when saw the gates were locked, only catching sight of the intercom buzzer at the last second (it really should have better signage)!
    Once inside it did feel creepy but was more confident it would not have any neds lying in wait due to the restricted access. I think however this would have been equally true if CCTV was well advertised (assuming it exists) without the feeling of being locked in to a potentially threatening environment (flooding). How would you raise the alarm if it was flooded and you had to turn back? There is no intercom or buzzer beyond the gates until you get to the other end! Puddles in the middle don't exactly assure that this is impossible.

  8. Why is the cycle tunnel not maintained, I just caught the tail end of BBC Scottish news as it mentioned the pedestrian and cycle paths in the tunnel i decided to look it up as I did not know of it, looking at it on The "Tube" I do not blame people for not using either, c`mon Glasgow get your act together, get the cameras into the Tunnel and let the PEOPLE use it as it should Be Used.

  9. Just started using the tunnel for commuting. The gates are OK but it is annoying when the signs on the roads eg south street always say open but the signs over the entrance say closed.

  10. They have installed cameras inside at either end of the cycle path. Just the neds are congregating in the middle of the tunnel a blind spot both cameras can't pick up. Great security doh!

  11. Hi, do you know if it is possible to get through now? I tried a couple of weeks ago and the gates were padlocked and sign saying intercom not working. I would definitely use it if it worked, it's a huge shortcut for me.. Maybe we could raise a bit of money and get some art students to brighten it up a little!